For Jacques Barzun

Issue Number 175 of The Berlioz Society Bulletin, December 2007, was dedicated to the society's president, Jacques Barzun. Many thanks to David Cairns, chairman of the society and bulletin editor, for providing these articles to this site. (JANUARY 14, 2013: I have added Katherine Kolb's article, Jacques Barzun: teacher, mentor, friend, from The Berlioz Society Bulletin, Number 189, December 2012.)

The Berlioz Society
Peter Bloom
Frère Jacques
Richard Macnutt
Jacques Barzun, 100 Not Out
Hugh Macdonald
A Source of Joy and Instruction
Katherine Kolb
Dining with Berlioz — or Not
Katherine Kolb
Jacques Barzun: teacher, mentor, friend (written in 2012)
Elizabeth Csicsery-Rónay
Encounters with the Master
Brian Chenley
Barzun and the Founding of the Berlioz Society
David Cairns
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The Jacques Barzun Centennial