August 2–5

Glimmerglass Opera  Gala Weekend, with Paul Kellogg

August 16–19

Glimmerglass Opera  Summer Seminar, with Peter Bloom

September 13, 16, 22, 25–26, 29, and October 1–2

Grand Théâtre de Genève  Les Troyens, conducted by John Nelson

October 14

The New York Times  tribute by William Safire

October 18

Society of Columbia Graduates  Great Teacher Award Dinner

October 22

The New Yorker  article by Arthur Krystal


The New Criterion  article by Jeffrey Hart

Columbia Magazine, Fall 2007  article by William Keylor

November 13

National Institute of Social Science  Gold Medal

November 15

Gemini Ink  2006 video

November 19

National Review  article by M. D. Aeschliman

November 25

San Antonio Express-News  articles by Cary Clack, Mike Greenberg (1) (2) (3), and Jessica Belasco

November 26

The University Bookman, Fall 2007  article by Tracy Lee Simmons

November 30

Calgary, Alberta, concert marking Jacques Barzun’s 100th birthday  Programme

Music & Vision  article by Gordon Rumson

Britannica Blog  article by Robert McHenry

Times Literary Supplement  notice by James Murphy


Bulletin No. 175 of The Berlioz Society  An issue dedicated to Jacques Barzun, with contributions by Sir Colin Davis, Peter Bloom, Richard Macnutt, Hugh Macdonald, Katherine Kolb, Elizabeth Csicsery-Rónay, Brian Chenley, and David Cairns

December 1

Wall Street Journal   article by Conrad Kiechel

December 1–2

Berlioz Society Members’ Weekend  including a tribute to Jacques Barzun by Peter Bloom

December 11

The American Scholar, Winter 2008  Three articles from its archives:
~ “To the Rescue of Romanticism” (Spring 1940)
~ “Meditations on the Literature of Spying” (Spring 1965)
~ “The Cradle of Modernism” (Autmn 1990)

December 31

First Things   article by Gerald J. Russello

The Jacques Barzun Centennial