The Jacques Barzun Centennial

I want the many well-wishers — friends and strangers who have greeted me on my recent birthday — to know that I have been greatly moved by these kind messages. I thank everyone for these expressions of good will, which I regret that I cannot acknowledge individually. —JB

Hippocrates, Jr.
A Loyalty Oath for Scholars
Jacques Barzun
On Berlioz’s The Damnation of Faust

John Adams
Amateur Detection
James Sloan Allen
Jacques Barzun and a Question of Friendship
Christian Bauer
Barzun on Woolrich
Arnold Beichman
What He Meant to Me
The Berlioz Society
For Jacques Barzun
Peter Bloom
The Three B’s
Warren Boroson
From Information to Aspiration
Nathan P. Bridle
80 Years Apart — With My Thanks
Fred Catapano
Jacques Barzun, Customer
David Dannenbaum
My Stroll with Jacques Barzun
Anne Fadiman
Christopher Faille
Jacques Barzun: Words and Acts
Hugh Fitzgerald
A Stamp, a Coin, a Presidential Proclamation
Jonathan Goodman
Damn! Damn! Damn!
Florence (Flo) Grant
My Favorite Memory of Mr. B
Mark Halpern
A Friendship in Letters
Irving Louis Horowitz
Jacques Barzun: Intellect Trumps Ideology
Allen J. Hubin
The Armchair Detective
Jamie Katz
The Barzun Touch
Paul Kellogg
Overheard at Glimmerglass: Jacques Barzun by Percentages
Ken Kleinfeld
A Song for Jacques Barzun
Katherine Kolb
Editing Barzun
Mark LaFlaur
Continuing the Conversation
George J. Leonard
Happy Birthday, Dr. Barzun
Herb London
An Assignment from Professor Barzun
John Lukacs
Robert McHenry
Happy Birthday, Jacques Barzun
Robert Morris
Background and Toast
Minta Marie Morze
Thank You, Jacques Barzun
James Murphy
At the End of a Procession
Rhoda Nathan
An Independent Shavian
Francis M. Nevins
On Jacques Barzun
Edward T. Oakes, S.J.
Jacques Barzun: In Appreciation
James O’Toole
On a Great Human Being
Gavin Parfit
Jacques Barzun 1907–2012
Jerry Pournelle
From Chaos Manor
Ted Price
The Truth About Jacques Barzun
Jason Rawnsley
Barzun in the Courts
John D. Rosenberg
Dear Jacques, Dear Lionel
Gordon Rumson
Fantasy for Jacques Barzun
Carl E. Schorske
In the Beginning . . .
Charles Scribner III
In the Company of Barzun
John Simon
More Enduring Than Brass
Richard Stone
My Just Jacques Moment
Jack Sullivan
Jacques Barzun: Mentor, Collaborator, Friend
Eugene Taylor
Possibly More James Than James
John C. Tibbetts
Barzun on Schumann
Ralph de Toledano
A Great Teacher
Louis Torres & Michelle Marder Kamhi
Yours, Jacques
Hugh Van Dusen
Hmmph. Wagner. No Melodies.
Donald R. Vroon
Voi che sapete
Robert K. Wallace
A 100th Birthday Tribute to Jacques Barzun
Bernard A. Weisberger
Max Weismann
Reminiscences of Mortimer J. Adler
Dr. Ira Williams
A Tribute to Jacques Barzun
Leo Wong
4 4 Jacques
Herman Wouk
A Letter to John Adams
Various Contributors
Favorite Barzun Quotations

Felicitations at 95
Barzun 100

Barzun Centennial Subscribers
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